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November 2015


Bouquet in a Jar

November 24, 2015

On today’s vlog: Andrew has a free day, we try and Pinterest hack Katie’s bouquet, and we try our hand at handmade pizza. NOTE: I’ve come to find that this video sounds terrible on some computers. I’M SORRY! It was my microphone. I’m making adjustments for the next vlog! Don’t judge.


London (Part 1)

November 23, 2015

Hi, we’re the Tius (Tiu rhymes with few) and we are super excited you’ve joined us! We started a blog a little while back and we failed…miserably. Two posts in and we completely abandoned the poor thing! So here we are again, giving this blog thing another go. Enjoy!

Alright guys, let’s kick off The Tiu Review with a post on our recent trip to London! Both Andrew and I had always dreamed of visiting England and we thought our two year wedding anniversary was the perfect excuse to venture across the Pond. Andrew’s friend Tomas, (a current London resident–lucky!) was gracious enough to be our tour guide during our stay. We arrived on a Saturday afternoon, took the Tube to our lovely hotel (located on the north end of Hyde Park) and immediately went off to explore the city. ((Side note: Although I’d  seen those iconic double-decker buses and red phone booths in the movies, I was so pleasantly surprised to find them scattered all throughout London. They add so much charm to the already adorable city. I was giddy!)) With Tomas as a our trusty guide, we started the afternoon at St. Paul’s Cathedral and managed to arrive just in time for a beautiful service — the acoustics in St. Paul’s were out of this world. FULL BODY CHILLS. After, we crossed Millennium Bridge (shout out to Harry Potter 6!) and headed to Covent Garden (arguably our favorite spot in London) where we enjoyed street performers, did a little window shopping and indulged in undoubtedly the richest cup of hot chocolate at Paul. Day one went off without a hitch…if only I could conquer that jet lag!

Day two’s itinerary started off in Shoreditch, an artsy/hipter district located in the East End of London. We hit-up a local market filled with ethnic food, vintage goods and live music. It was a great way to see an area of the city where the locals kick-it on a daily basis…plus, it wasn’t packed with tourists – win! We continued the day with a cruise along the River Thames and had our first Tower Bridge sighting (heart eyes). The boat dropped us off along the Embankment Pier where we proceeded to take a million pictures of the London Eye, Big Ben, and Westminster Abbey (more heart eyes!!). The sun was starting to set as we made our way through St. James Park and up to Piccadilly Circus – London’s version of Times Square. That evening we dined at a cozy little pub for the obligatory fish & chips (p.s. overrated!). Luckily, we had a full week ahead of us and plenty more meals to come. We hadn’t been in London 48 hours and it was already becoming our favorite city. Stay tuned for two more Europe posts – London Part 2 & Paris – both coming your way shortly!