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The Escape Room

January 6, 2016

Sadly, the holidays have come to an end. So to salvage the remains of the Christmas cheer, we refuse to take down any of the three trees we still have standing. Yep, three trees. Lit up and all. Dang proud of it.

I could go in-depth about the holiday cheer, the gifts, and the family bonding that we experienced over the past couple weeks. But, as much as we’d like to reminisce, I think you get the gist of the awesomeness and cozy vibes that envelop the season.

Instead, I’ll only go into one of those things – the family bonding.

Nothing tests the proclaimed love of a family more than forcing them into a jail cell, locking the door, and telling them to “figure it out.” That’s exactly what The Escape Room was and it could not have been more fun.

Despite the great food and movies we experienced during the holidays, The Escape Room was easily the most memorable part of the Christmas break. Without giving too much away, The Escape Room is a game where teams of people are put into a scenario and are tasked with hunting for clues to escape their given situation within 60 minutes. Our particular scenario was “Prison Break.” We began in a jail cell and, with a little detective work, found clues and keys that took us from room to room, and ultimately, out to freedom. Throughout the ordeal, a “gamemaster” watched and listened to our every move via camera, occasionally chiming in with help if we needed it.

If there’s one thing to learn among the mad dash of searching for clues in an hour, it’s having patience with the people you’re doing it with. With only maybe two minor moments of heated fervor, I’d like to say we did pretty well as a family. According to our gamemaster, Prison Break only had a 31% success rate. I’m proud to say we were a part of that minority and won our escape scenario with only a few seconds to spare. Which is another way of saying…we mastered the whole family bonding thing.

I'm still teaching Katie that the barrel should always point down. Not at my neck.

I’m still teaching Katie that the barrel should always point down. Not at my neck.

The Escape Room was a test of patience and communication, and it’s something we highly recommend you do with friends and family. Katie did mention one thing that I feel is worth noting. We don’t think this would be a great first date. So for our single friends, take note. We got the feeling that it could easily go from, “This is a cool thing we should do as strangers” to “Who do you think you are? I want to punch you in the throat right now.” Rather than it being an icebreaking exercise, make it a relationship-building exercise. That’s just our opinion.

We’re not exactly sure if the The Escape Room has locations throughout the country. What we do know is each location has different “episodes” you can choose from. Meaning if you were to sign up, the Prison Break episode we played may not even be offered to you. There are an array of games to choose from, all of which are equally fun and challenging. If an Escape Room location is not in your area, then come hang out with us in Dallas. And one last bit of completely untested advice if you decide to try it: We had seven in our group. I would wager that teams of 4-6 would be optimal.

We’ll leave you with that. Happy New Year everyone!