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April 2016

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J-Dawgs Has the Best Hot Dogs

April 26, 2016

Second half of our trip to Utah. We get to continue hanging out with Ay-Ay, checking out the scenery, and going hard on Andrew’s favorite hot dogs from J-dawgs – a BYU staple that’s growing fast. If you gave me the choice between a hot dog or a burger, it’s gonna be a burger no doubt…unless it’s a J-dawg with special sauce.

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Magnolia Market // Fixer Upper

April 20, 2016

Warning: If you don’t watch the HGTV masterpiece Fixer Upper, and have never heard of the queen Joanna Gaines, this post probably isn’t for you…

A couple months ago, Andrew and I decided to take the hour and a half trip down to Waco to visit the newly opened Magnolia Market. At the time, season 3 of Fixer Upper was in full swing,  and we couldn’t wait any longer. The market and two silos sit on a 2.5 acre plot of land in Downtown Waco – and if you somehow miss those massive silos, you’re sure to spot all the avid fans that line the streets for blocks just to get into the store. It’s nuts!! 

Luckily, the line moved quickly and there were plenty of photo ops and IG pics to post while we waited – hehe. The Market is b e a u t i f u l (MAJOR EYE CANDY) and is so true to the classic JoJo style we’ve come to know and love.  We were ecstatic to find a section filled with old marquee letters (classic Chip & Jo) – we’ve been wanting to install a cool sign in our media room and have been on the hunt for letters for months! Whoop!

*Note: Since starting this post back in January (I guess I just completely forgot to publish it – oops!) I have since been back to Magnolia with my mom and cousins – ultimate girls’ trip! We drove down on a Thursday and had no wait..I repeat, NO WAIT! I would suggest avoiding weekend visits if possible. It was so nice to be able to enjoy the store without being completely elbow-to-elbow. Also, be prepared to spend $$$ – it ain’t cheap, but it’s sooo worth it! The second time around, the Market was completely decked out for spring. We were in total tulip heaven! I’ve made the executive decision that a quarterly trip down to Waco is a must. Summer is right around the corner…who’s coming with me?!