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July 2016

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One Week in Washington DC

July 27, 2016

This week’s vlog is a long one since we missed an upload last Wednesday (sorry, family comes first). But we’re back this week, so here’s a look into our quick trip to visit Andrew’s family and friends in the DC area. We got to wander as tourists, eat some delicious food and catch some Pokemon along the way too (yes we’re still doing that). More pics and posts on this coming soon.

Local Exploration Vlogs

Pokémon GO Takes Over

July 14, 2016

In this week’s vlog, we’re diving into the world of Pokémon GO. Now, let’s get one thing clear…when Andrew initially showed me the new game, I had ZERO interest…like maybe less than zero. The only connection I had to Pokémon was a memory from my childhood when I opened a pack of cards in a Toys R Us and found a Charizard. Now, obviously, that was a pretty big deal and I felt like a total bad-a. But since then, I haven’t thought twice about the game.

Fast-forward 15ish years….and within the last 72 hours, I have not only downloaded the app, but have spent hours (yes, literally hours) “catching them all.” And I’ve gotta be honest, it’s pretty dang fun. I’m the first to admit I’m somewhat of a gamer and have severe FOMO, so I couldn’t just sit on the sidelines and watch as Andrew loaded up his Pokédex (yep, I just learned that word 3 days ago, don’t judge).

For the last two nights, Andrew and I have jumped in the car after dinner and gone searching for Pokémon. This may sound super strange, and I know many of you are major eye-rolling right now, but hear me out. Instead of sitting on our bums the last two nights, watching Netflix and eating ice cream, we’ve gone outside. We’ve been active, walked (A LOT), made friends and spent quality time together. If that’s not a good way to spend a nice summer night, I’m not sure what is!

This may be the only time we chat about Pokémon GO on here, but I just wanted to state my case. If you’re looking for a fun excuse to get out and meet new people, give the game a try. Head to a community close-by and I promise you will find a diverse group of people you can bond with – even if it is over a silly game.  Okay brb, apparently there’s a Onxy outside I need to go catch. Later!


Fireworks Can Cause Brush Fires

July 7, 2016

Hope everyone had a great July 4th weekend – we sure did. We learned that fireworks can indeed start fires! Our neighbors learned that the hard way last week. Also in this week’s vlog, we play with dogs, pack for shoots, hang with old friends and celebrate Independence Day (aka Summer Thanksgiving).