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February 2017

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Week 36 Bumpdate

February 23, 2017

Katie is well into her third trimester and at 36 weeks, reality has finally set in for us both. The baby has dropped and we found she’s 3cm dilated and he may be coming in as soon as two weeks! Not gonna lie, it’s really starting to freak us out that we’re about to become “mom” and “dad”. Are we ready for this??




Hatch Baby Rest Sound Machine Review

February 8, 2017

Ever since we returned from CES 2017, we had our eyes set on one product in particular – The Hatch Baby Rest. We had the pleasure of getting a full rundown of the sound machine & nightlight from CEO Ann Weiss herself. Of any other similar products, we really fell in love with the simplistic design and functionality of the Rest. We dive into it in our review video above. To get a better listen to the sounds, check out the video below.