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May 2017


He’s Growing Too Fast!

May 31, 2017

Henry is about 3 months old now and he’s grown unbelievably fast. It’s crazy to see the development in this vlog and how quickly things can change in your baby. Missing a vlog means missing a lot in showing his milestones and development so I’ll be trying to vlog more. You don’t recognize those growth spurts during your everyday routines, but looking back at past vlogs, you can see the major differences.

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Putting My Marriage Before My Child?

May 30, 2017

So which has priority – your marriage or your children? It’s a very interesting question with no real answer that differs with every couple. From what I’ve seen, culture, faith and circumstance all play a major role in people’s thoughts on the topic. The main point I wanted to get across here was that regardless of which way you look at it, our mission is the same. Those who prioritize their kids aren’t ignoring their partners and those prioritizing the marriage aren’t neglecting their children. We must reserve judgment and continually encourage other young parents regardless of style. I see way too much of the former and not enough of the latter.

Making this video has made me a better father and husband. I had so many more quotes and I wish I could have included more arguments from both sides, but the video would have run for an hour. It’s clear where I stand on the topic, but I know many will both agree and disagree. Regardless of where you stand on the spectrum the main goal is to elicit thought and conversation on the matter so spouses can become better parents and partners. One of our subscribers sums up our opinion best when she says:

It’s not about neglecting your child, but more about not having your entire world revolve around your child 24/7. It doesn’t mean ignoring your child when they need you. This means intentionally scheduling date nights, making time to talk and reconnect emotionally and physically on a daily basis, knowing when your partner needs a break and giving them the break. We are a marriage first family. So many others have said it already, but having a solid marriage will only strengthen your ability to parent and to live in a home where the parents are on the same page and not constantly fighting or are unengaged with one another.

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