Hey, we are Andrew and Katie Tiu. We’re young family bloggers/YouTubers making videos and posts about life as rookie parents and sharing our thoughts on family-related products.

In the past year, we’ve left our jobs, started a business, and had our first baby. It’s been incredibly exciting and difficult at the same time. This blog is partially a place for us to jot down memories but it also serves as a place for other families to engage and learn some things that we’ve learned. There are so many topics to cover, from buying a home and gearing up for a new baby, to discovering a local spot for a relaxing date night. We want to share those thoughts with you guys.

You may also notice we are very video-centric – what’s the deal with that?

Together, we run a video production and motion design studio called Motion Butter. Making videos is both our business and a family hobby. The videos we make for clients are a bit different from the ones you might see here, but if you’re interested in hiring us, you can see our work by clicking this link. To get a better idea of who we are, we’ll leave you with this: