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Baby Brezza Formula Pro Review

May 17, 2017

Here’s a deep review of the Baby Brezza Formula Pro. I’d call it a Keurig coffee maker, but for baby formula. Great bottle prep machine for parents, but is it worth the $180 price tag? You can find the Formula Pro and other products we’ve reviewed in our Kit.


Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

May 10, 2017

Here’s our list of the best Mother’s Day gift ideas for 2017. Might be great for new, young Moms out there. They’re not exactly “cheap” options, but we think Mom is kinda worth it.  Here’s the full list of ideas I discussed and with time stamps and estimated prices.

0:46 – Food Delivery Subscriptions (From $60/week and up)

1:36 – Feminine Care Delivery Packages (From $10/month and up)

2:00 – Spa Package
Please search your local spas for deals and gift cards

2:51 – Bibliotheca ($199)

3:45 – Google Home ($129) or Amazon Echo ($149)

4:08 – NutriBullet Mini Blender ($67)

4:55 – Customizable Jewelry (Prices range, expect $50 and up)

5:06 – Flowers (Prices range, expect $40 and up)

5:15 – Perfume (Prices range, expect $30 and up)

5:45 – La La Land (Currently $15, price may change)


Owlet Baby Monitor Review

March 30, 2017

This is a review of the Owlet baby sock monitor. It’s designed to track your baby’s breathing in the middle of the night. In the case that there are abnormalities in your baby’s heartbeat or oxygen levels, you will be alerted via the base station or app. In this video we review Owlet’s Smart Sock 2, test the accuracy of the heartbeat and oxygen vitals, and discuss why you may or may not want to buy this hot baby item.