Cheerios Challenge 2017 – Father’s Day Sweepstakes

Calling all dads! This Father’s Day, Cheerios is picking three families to win a trip to The Mall of America in Minnesota. All you have to do is stack Cheerios on your family and share it on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram. Remember to use…

May 31, 2017
Family Vlogs

Putting My Marriage Before My Child?

So which has priority – your marriage or your children? It’s a very interesting question with no real answer that differs with every couple. From what I’ve seen, culture, faith and circumstance all play a major role in people’s thoughts on the topic. The main…

May 30, 2017

Baby Brezza Formula Pro Review

Here’s a deep review of the Baby Brezza Formula Pro. I’d call it a Keurig coffee maker, but for baby formula. Great bottle prep machine for parents, but is it worth the $180 price tag? You can find the Formula Pro and other products…

May 17, 2017